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‘What We Left Behind’ on iTunes

September 7, 2009

UK based band A Dancing Beggar are releasing their second album called ‘What We Left Behind’ on iTunes today. The album features samples of recordings of mine. A big thanks for that. I can only hope the recordings helped in the inspiration process.

Go check these guys out:

What We Left Behind

Soundwalkers film release

May 26, 2009

Soundwalkers, a film by Lisbon, Portugal based video director and sound researcher Raquel Castro after having been available on VIMEO has seen its release on DVD format.

The documentary film captures the importance of sound in the environments we live in and the way people interact with these sounds. Above all it is a film about hearing, listening, perception and reaction and it does a brilliant job at it.

Raquel used some of my field recording work in the film. I met Raquel at Chris Watson’s Sound Recording course hosted by Wildeye in Norfolk, 2007. A few scenes of that course are in the film. I like the shot where the microphones are facing the sea. Waves in the background they stand as devices out to try and get a glimpse of the sounds that live in that particular place by the sea at that particular time.

Check it out on VIMEO here: