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Audio Media 2010 Top 5

December 30, 2010

2010 also was the year where more musical inspiration and ideas came to me through on-line media then ever before. Probably why I have six entries in the top 5. Some of the entries are on-the-air radio stations with internet presence, others are streaming media only. And it’s not just audio either. In my view important curatorial work and sustained effort is done here:

Framework Radio; run by Patrick McGinley and broadcast on-line on Resonance 104.4 FM. Dedicated to phonography, field recording and it’s use in composition,

Fluid Radio; true internet radio for experimental acoustic and vocal work,

Klara;; the Brussels, Belgium based radio station’s Mixtuur show airs and streams live Monday though Thursday. Arnold Schönberg to Max Richter and everything in between and on the side,

Mixcloud;; while very diverse in broadcast categories has selections brought together by Taylor Deupree, Seaworthy and Matt Rösner, Celer, … and check out Mary Ann Hobbs,

Take Away Shows;; music video documentaries from all over produced and directed by Vincent Moon (and others). A minimal approach brings out the love for the artists and the artists’ passion for their music,

Touch Radio; published by Touch at regular intervals always comes up with creative work in areas such as field recording, sound installations and performances. New and unexpected with every issue.

Happy New Ears 2008

August 31, 2008


If you have the time and you if you’re in the neighborhood, go check out the excellent Happy New Ears festival for New Music held in Kortijk, Belgium from September 13 through September 28.

The Festival features some of the most important new music composers, sound artists and performers from around the world. 

Happy New Ears have set up a collaboration with  Freesound. For the Omni sound installation for children (and adults alike) several Freesound contributers, myself included, have submitted sound material. Go create and have a good time.