Audio Media 2010 Top 5

December 30, 2010

2010 also was the year where more musical inspiration and ideas came to me through on-line media then ever before. Probably why I have six entries in the top 5. Some of the entries are on-the-air radio stations with internet presence, others are streaming media only. And it’s not just audio either. In my view important curatorial work and sustained effort is done here:

Framework Radio; run by Patrick McGinley and broadcast on-line on Resonance 104.4 FM. Dedicated to phonography, field recording and it’s use in composition,

Fluid Radio; true internet radio for experimental acoustic and vocal work,

Klara;; the Brussels, Belgium based radio station’s Mixtuur show airs and streams live Monday though Thursday. Arnold Schönberg to Max Richter and everything in between and on the side,

Mixcloud;; while very diverse in broadcast categories has selections brought together by Taylor Deupree, Seaworthy and Matt Rösner, Celer, … and check out Mary Ann Hobbs,

Take Away Shows;; music video documentaries from all over produced and directed by Vincent Moon (and others). A minimal approach brings out the love for the artists and the artists’ passion for their music,

Touch Radio; published by Touch at regular intervals always comes up with creative work in areas such as field recording, sound installations and performances. New and unexpected with every issue.

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