North India Field Recording on SoundCloud

September 26, 2009

Just posted an excerpt of the field recordings I did in North India earlier this year. Using SoundCloud for the first time for this.

Recorded with a Sennheiser MKH8020/ MKH30 MS stereo microphone configuration to a Sound Devices 702 recorder. MS converted to AB stereo at the recorder stage.

SoundCloud uploads are transcoded to 128 kbps mp3 format for streaming. That’s still twice as good as MySpace.

One Response to “North India Field Recording on SoundCloud”

  1. Ed Says:


    This is a really brilliant recording. I know this sounds a bit odd but I’m looking for extended recordings from this area. My Grandfather, who grew up in this area, is sadly very ill with terminal cancer. He isn’t able to read at the moment because his eyesight is too poor so I was trying to find some recordings that he could listen to that would remind him of his youth. I promise this isn’t an attempt to just get hold of your recordings. Can I buy a longer recording from this session from you? Your response would be greatly appreciated. Once again, fantastic recording. All the best,Ed.

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