Mid-side and the MKH 8020

November 1, 2008

This is slowly becoming a series.  I posted a recording to Freesound where I am testing the new Sennheiser MKH 8020 omnidirectional microphone as the mid microphone with my MKH 30 as the side mic.

The low end response of the MKH 8020 is very very impressive.  It is more sensitive than the MKH 20 omni (31mV/Pa compared to 25mV/Pa) and adds a few dB to the high end response. Beyond 20 kHz the frequency response goes all the way up to 60 kHz. It’s also very small: diameter 1.9 cm, length 7.4 cm. The pair fitted in my size 3 Rycote windjammer.

Better low end response is what you expect from an omnidirectional microphone as I explained in earlier posts but the MKH 8020 is in a league of it’s own. So, curiosity put to the test I set out in Brussels city center. The “carbon chorus” of the city never fails you if you are looking for those low frequencies. With so much low end energy setting levels proved a bit of a challenge. Dynamic bandwith gets eaten fast and limiters kicked in often.

The sample on Freesound is a recording of the air vent of an airco system. A giant outlet of 2 by 5 meter or so. That night it all came together. Traffic, airplanes, the airco system everything in perfect harmony.

Hear the recording here: Air,

or jump to the Drones Sample pack.

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