Mid-side recording setup tests

June 11, 2008

Following my previous post on the mid-side recording microphone setup I have posted 6 recordings testing different microphones and configurations to Freesound.

All recordings in this series were done with a Sound Devices 302 field mixer to a Sound Devices 702 recorder. Mixer gain set at +60dB and fader level at +7.5dB across all mic configurations. For the MS+M setup one recording had the fader level set at 0dB. Mixer and recorder line up was done at full scale. No low cut filtering was set on either device. Recordings were matrixed to L-R stereo at the mixer stage.

The differences between recordings are subtle and become more obvious through analyzers. Interesting things to look at are frequency spectrum, stereo correlation and peak and RMS levels. Recordings were done sequentially meaning one setup after the other. Samples presented were cut from the original recordings to get more or less equal soundscapes to make comparing easier. Recordings are presented unmodified. All recordings are approximately one minute in length.

Microphones used:
Pearl MSH-10
DPA 4060
Sennheiser MKH 40
Sennheiser MKH 30

Complete sample pack: “Mid Side test setup

the Freesound Project

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