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More Site Rework

March 13, 2008

Changed the players on the ‘Latest’ page to Dewplayer by Alsacréations.  Looks much better now and leaves me with more surface real estate on the page.


Site Rework

March 9, 2008

Courtesy of Jeroen Wijering now streams all audio through embedded Flash players.

With a 5 second interval the home page image now changes cycling through an image playlist. Audio streams come to you with the FLV Media Player, a highly configurable audio and video player.

The load mechanism uses the SWFObject java script developed by Geoff Stearns over at deconcept.

Now all I have to do is add more images to the playlist in the Archive. Remarkable how you can’t do sound without image these days. 

Also reworked 404 error handling so now mistyping a URL brings you to the main menu instead of the not so helpful page my ISP puts up.